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Here is a quick overview on how to purchase an apartment or a house in Germany

What are you buying the property for?

This is a question to begin with. Are you looking for a home for yourself and your loved ones?

Or is it an investment opportunity you are interested in?

And this shall define the criteria according to which you should search.

There is also an option to mix the both. For example, you rent the property out first and after some time you move in or vice versa!

How do I know what is the right property for me?

It takes a few viewings - a so called "critical mass" in order to learn what makes a good property for you. Also you will get a better understanding how much value for money you can expect to get.

If you are looking for an apartment to invest, get all the numbers and data.

How do I put an offer on property?

An offer is put in written with a passport copy and a proof of funds attached.

What are the additional fees for property purchase?

Additionally to the purchase price, the following costs arise:

  • Property transaction fee - in Berlin at 6%

  • Notary and registry costs - ca. 1.5%-2%

  • Agency fee (if applicable) - usually 3.57%

How much money do I need to buy an apartment in Berlin?

It is crucial to know what you can afford (and are willing to spend!) in order to specifically target the suitable property. Talk to a good finance broker or - even better - several brokers. This is how you can compare the loan conditions and will be able to chose the best offer. It is good to have options.

A real estate agent shall ask you about your budget first thing.

Please note that you got to add roughly 10% of the purchase price on purchase related costs (notary, registry, tax and agency fee).

What documents do I need to reserve an apartment?

Get your paperwork done and ready:

payslips, proof of capital/bank statements, passport and residence permit copy, etc.


This goes to the listing agent/property owner so you can make a reservation.

How do I make sure I get the apartment?

Good and well-priced properties have always been in high demand. In order to secure it, you got to be fast: Best way is to get your loan pre-approved, so you can proceed with the mortgage and, in parallel, with the purchase agreement.


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